We rely on skilled and dedicated advice. This means that our customers not only receive technical information about materials made of stainless steel. We also find solutions for your individual needs, small series or special parts production, regardless of the order volume.

Quality management means for us that we guarantee to sell high-performance-resistant products made of corrosion and acid resistant stainless steel. On request, you will receive test certificates in accordance with DIN EN 10204.

Small and Large-scale, and Special Part Production

You have the choice between small or large-scale production, single or serial sections, and special part production.

One of the special services provided by HARRY RIECK EDELSTAHL does not only include competent support for our key customers but also acceptance of small orders.

Your individual ideas and requirements are our challenges.

You have seen our product range and need a particular item in a different size, a specific embodiment or a special alloy for your production or you are an artist and need something exceptional for your installation made of stainless steel.

Please contact us and we will persuade you by trying to fulfil your individual requirements.

Special parts production

You have the choice between small or large-scale production, single or serial sections, and special part production.

Your individual ideas and requirements are our challenges. Please contact us and we will persuade you by trying to fulfill your individual requirements.

Fixed lengths

On request we supply pipes from 1 mm length which are deburred inside and outside. The average delivery period depends on order quantity and is expected to take 1 to 3 business days.

Our engineering team with many years of experience and technical know-how will be pleased to help you if you need angled cuts and bent parts. We can consider how to realize your wishes and requirements.

Special Pipes

By using our modern and efficient machinery, we can produce round pipes, square tubes, and flat oval-shaped pipes, according to your requirements.
We offer:

  • Round pipes from an outer diameter of 0.208 mm
  • Square tubes from a width of 2.00 mm
  • Flat-oval tubes from a width of 2.50 mm

Quality management at HARRY RIECK EDELSTAHL

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification certification is a record of our quality assurance measures. We ensure the high quality of our products by using appropriate test procedures, and we can guarantee that our stainless steel products fulfil all requirements you have ordered.

Our Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Trading, purchasing, stock holding and processing for the products pipes, profiles, bars, sheets, flanges, fittings, valves according to national and international standards made of stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals.
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 as PDF Download.

Technical Support

Of course, the service of HARRY RIECK EDELSTAHL includes a comprehensive technical support.

We are looking for the best solutions for you to fulfil your expectations concerning the stainless steel products in terms of functionality, quality, tolerance, optimization of properties by alloy certain elements and finally, with regard to the unit costs.


By using the process of just-in-time logistics, we follow a modern principle of organization of production and material management, which allows the coordination of supply and production dates on the basis of precise information processing.

We can ensure just-in-time deliveries, because we:

  • have our own fleet,
  • reliable forwarding agents and
  • use warehousing, manufacturing and administrative offices on an area of more than 1,200 m².


No minimum invoice value

A further special service-feature of HARRY RIECK EDELSTAHL includes that we offer solutions and implementations of special part manufacturing, small and large-scale production or individual and serial sections.

The offer of accepting small and individual orders also includes that we forego a minimum invoice amount.

Neutral Shipping

The articles ordered by you can be sent neutral, directly and easily to your customers, so that we do not appear as the sender.

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